marcelo eli


Marcelo Eli (b.1989) is a Latin American painter who lives and works in Chicago. After two years of formal study at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Marcelo struck out on his own to pursue a self-taught practice. Seeking exhibition opportunities, Marcelo began his career just a couple months after leaving the Academy in a group exhibition at the artist run gallery Live Worms in San Francisco’s North Beach district. Socializing among artist, poets and original beatniks, Marcelo absorbed North Beach’s rich history and San Francisco's culture. Since moving back to his hometown, Marcelo has focused on creating his own language in his work. He has been included in group exhibitions at Vertical Gallery 2013, Co-Prosperity Sphere 2014, and the Hyde Park Art Center 2014. Marcelo's first solo exhibition took place at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers with representation by Art Wing Contemporary in 2016. During this time Marcelo began working with Artevie Advisory in France. He has been featured in Chicago Gallery News and Artevie-publishing. In 2016 Marcelo participated in the Hyde Park Art Center's Center Program as well as the University of Chicago's Visual Art Certification program. He opens 2017 with two solo exhibition at Blanc Gallery and Congruent Space and has began working with Velvenoir exclusively in Vienna.